The domain broker provides one-to-one service and keeps track throughout the whole process to ensure the safety of the trade. Once getting application from buyer, the agent will attempt to reach the current domain owner to express the interest in the domain and submit price feedback for both sides. Both seller and buyer can know the trade pace in time.*The price given by both sides is actual quotation.

At the same time, we provide secured transaction. If an agreement is reached, you and the seller can proceed with confidence as your domain agent oversees the sale. The buyer pays to us and then the seller transfers the domain. Once the buyer confirms receipt, the fee paid by buyer will transfers to seller.

*Handling Charge: 10% Phone:86-028-62778877 Ext 8354

  • 1. Trust Application Submitted by Buyer
  • 2. Agent contacts both sides and negotiates price
  • 3. Buyer pays and seller transfers domain
  • 4. Domain agent oversees the sale
  • 5. deal close
Trust and Go with us
Keep track the whole process

One-to one service to realize constant communication

Professional & Efficient

We knows domains better than others with more than 15-year experience.


Price is actual quotation with secured transaction

Low Cost

No cost during the price negotiation and low handling fee after successful deal